Edlund Can Opener vs. Nemco Can Opener

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Edlund Can Opener vs. Nemco Can Opener

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen is going to be your commercial can opener, but it's an easy thing to overlook due to its small size. Many people often overlook the importance of a good quality can opener, but you have to ask yourself, how would you open cans without one?

If you're thinking you can get by with an inexpensive can opener, the kind found in home kitchens, think again. After a few uses, that will likely fall apart and while it may only cost a few dollars, you will be spending more time replacing it than actually using it.

You have many options when it comes to commercial can openers and you should not make your decision lightly. While many companies make can openers for professional kitchens, you should consider those made by one of two brands to get the most out of your money. The first is made by Edlund.

Edlund #1 Can Opener
Edlund #1 Can Opener
Nemco 56050-1 CanPRO Can Opener
Nemco 56050-1 CanPRO Can Opener

Edlund has been making commercial can openers for 75 years, and there is a reason that they make the number one selling can opener in the food service industry.

A manual can opener from Edlund like the #1 is built to last, and it will never let you down. They are made of high quality materials and are easy to mount onto your prep tables for constant use. It's top down mount rather the typical side mount makes it easy to install and replacement parts like gears or knife blades are easy to find and replace. Also, if you replace parts on your Edlund commercial can opener, your warranty will still be valid, so there is no reason to not fix something if it is broken, although the likelihood is slim.

Of course just because Edlund makes the top selling can opener in the industry does not mean that they are the only ones who make high quality products. Another company, Nemco, also makes a high quality can opener suited to professional kitchens and it has features all its own that may make you think twice about an Edlund.

Nemco's new CanPRO model is designed to change the way cans are opened in restaurant kitchens. From a sanitation standpoint, this is an excellent choice because the piece that cuts the can never makes contact with the inside of the can. This means you won't have metals shavings in your can and your can opener won't have food crusted on it should you forget to wash it. The lid also comes of perfectly clean with no jagged edges, meaning that when you are opening a can in a busy kitchen you don't run the risk of accidentally cutting yourself on your can lid. Also, it's easy to tell when your cutter needs replaced; it simply won't cut anymore. A gearless handle means you won't have to suffer through gear breakage or wear and tear and your can opener is practically maintenance free.

Both of these options are excellent choices for a busy restaurant kitchen.

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