Top 10 Green Products from NAFEM 2011

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Technologies and tools for Green in plenty at NAFEM 2011

The NAFEM Show earlier this year packed a pretty Green punch for foodservice operators looking for more ways to reduce waste and make their operations more Green.

Compiled By Kevin Campbell
Content Editor

Green technologies and practices have become a key theme of numerous industry trade shows in recent years, so it hardly came as a surprise to also find it that way at NAFEM 2011, the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers' biennial trade show for foodservice professionals. Held in February at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, even the show itself was demonstrating sustainable practices by printing fewer show programs and collecting more information online than on paper, donating leftover food and promotional items to local charities and educational institutes and recycling badge holders, among other things.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, as Cook's Direct found out. As foodservice operators from all walks of the industry continue to look for new ways to reduce waste and become more efficient, vendors are really stepping up and offering new products to help facilitate those efforts. The show offered a great selection of them. Here's what we found.

Read on for our Top 10 Green Products from NAFEM 2011.

1. Meiko's M-iQ Flight Conveyor

Bringing efficiency and revolutionary improvements to warewashing, Meiko's new M-iQ flight conveyor features new filter technology that reduces detergent consumption by 50 percent over previous models. Each tank uses a multiple-stage filtration process that collects food soil and flushes it out in high-pressure cycles. The system is energy-conscious, too: its three-stage energy control system adjusts to changes in heating distribution, and its waste air recovery system recaptures exhaust heat to preheat incoming final rinse water. The M-iQ's fully integrated airflow system can reduce exhaust air volume by as much as 90 percent and may not require an exhaust hood, depending on the application. Its self-cleaning mode makes end-of-shift cleanup a snap; areas that require manual cleaning are clearly delineated, color-coded blue.

2. Frymaster's OCF30 Deep Fat Fryers

The latest generation in Frymaster's complete series of open-pot, oil-conserving fryers, the OCF30 deep fat fryers are designed to use 40 percent less oil than older, larger models, and can make the switch to higher-grade oils more economical for operators because of the lower oil quantities required. With less oil to heat and a temperature management system that reduces temperature when the unit is not in use, the fryers use 10 percent less energy. Their easy to use, built-in FootPrint PRO® filtration system encourages more frequent filtering, which preserves oil life and ensures consistent, great-tasting food! The simple, two-lever process has recessed handles tucked safely inside the cabinet to prevent unplanned filtration and dangerous extension into busy work spaces. The fryers are available in both gas and electric models.

3. Champion Industries' Heat Recovery System with TempSure

An innovative technology that delivers significant energy savings, Champion Industies' Heat Recovery System with TempSure is available on its multi-tank flight warewashing machines. The system increases water temperature from 60 degrees F to 110 degrees F without requiring a water heater and is equipped with a heat-flow control that works proportionately to the heat available, increasing the system's efficiency. The system traps waste heat, steam and radiant heat from the machine to heat incoming water. TempSure works with the heat recovery system to maintain water temperatures; it controls the airflow through the unit, extracting heat from the machine as it becomes available, without taking conditioned air from the kitchen. TempSure also continually monitors the outlet temperature from the heat recovery unit, automatically adjusting to ensure proper temperatures for final rinse.

4. Cres Cor's HotCube3 Hybrid Hot Cabinet

Here's a first for the industry. Cres Cor's HotCube3 tri-powered insulated hot cabinet for indoor and outdoor use plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet for regular indoor use, runs off of a propane fuel system for outdoor use or, with an optional solar panel, charges its battery for optimum control efficiency when no other power sources are available. It features a 1,200-Watt heating system that heats up to 200 degrees F and accommodates a variety of pan sizes with its nine sets of chrome-plated wire universal angles. Its field-reversible insulated door prevents temperature loss, and its anti-microbial magnetic latch helps prevent germ spread. The unit runs for eight hours on a 1-lb. propane canister and features a recessed well for a spare canister.

5. Hobart Corporation's CL44eR advansys Warewasher

The CL44eR advansys warewasher from Hobart Corporation features an energy-recovery system that recaptures energy from escaping heat and steam from the exhaust air, recycling it for energy. That energy is used to preheat the incoming water supply to 110 degrees F before it enters the booster heater. The warewasher's Opti-RinSe™ feature significantly reduces cost by reducing rinse water and the energy required to heat the water, and its unique spray pattern uses large droplets to more efficiently sanitize the ware. The unit's exclusive microprocessor control module provides energy-saver mode, low-temperature alerts and a dirty water indicator. It also provides machine status, a delime notification and built-in service diagnostics.

6. InterMetro Industries Corporation's Transport Armour Heated Holding Cabinet

The Energy Star-certified Metro C5 T-Series Transport Armour heavy-duty heated holding cabinet from InterMetro Industries Corporation features foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with Type 304 stainless-steel structure. It's designed to provide superior heat retention, add structural rigidity and minimize energy consumption. The cabinet comes with a choice of intelligent, digital, solid-state controls or simple analog controls; digital controls provide a mobile power option, low- and high-temperature alarms, diagnostics and a lock-out feature. The mobile power option, which is available only with digitally controlled units, offers battery technology that gently circulates air inside the cabinet and keeps the controller illuminated and functional when unplugged for transit.

7. APW Wyott's ECO-4000 Radiant Conveyor Toaster

Offering energy savings of up to 75 percent of normal run mode, the ECO-4000 radiant conveyor toaster from APW Wyott is equipped with an energy saver timer that conserves energy during slow periods; and idle mode, available on electronic units, provides additional savings during intermittent use. Toast Now technology allows toasting to begin immediately upon insertion, eliminating energy-wasting warm-up and keep-ready requirements. The toaster's conveyor configuration accommodates product up to 1-1/2 inches thick without requiring a 3-inch opening and the energy waste that comes with it. Other features include a self-dispensing bread drawer that slides forward for product removal, a high-limit switch to prevent overheating, and a stainless-steel construction with an aluminized steel interior for durability. The toaster is fully insulated and air-cooled, with cool-to-the-touch sides.

8. Turbo Air's Sandwich and Salad Tables

Using proprietary compressor technology, Turbo Air has slashed the energy that Turbo Air Super Deluxe Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables consume by 30 percent! The solid-door refrigerators are designed with oversized and balanced refrigeration systems, including efficient evaporators and condensers for fast cooling and greater efficiency. The condensate system surfaces are treated to resist corrosion to increase efficiency and prevent overflow of condensate water. An innovative cold-air compartment maintains even temperature for each pan to preserve freshness and isolates the pans from the reach-in area to prevent spillage. The cabinet and doors are formed-in-place using high-density, CFC-free polyurethane insulation.

9. Champion Industries' e2Series Flight Machines

e2Series Flight Machines from Champion Industries feature the patented Quad Rinse System, combining high production capacity with low water consumption. Quad Rinse proportionately links the amount of hot water used with the varying conveyor speeds of each of the machine's three operational modes, saving water and energy. In Eco Clean mode, the machine accommodates approximately 13,000 dishes per hour while consuming a meager 84 gallons of water per hour. The system's high-capacity Express Clean mode cleans more than 19,000 dishes per hour while consuming just 134 gallons of water per hour; Extra Clean mode handles extra-soiled wares.

10. John Boos & Company Forest Stewardship Council-Certified

Effingham, IL-based John Boos & Company was awarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on March 2. The company's FSC-certified lumber is derived only from forests that are properly managed according to the highest social, environmental and economic standards. Using independent evaluation and inspection agencies, the council ensures that the standards are maintained throughout the entire chain of custody, from forest to end-user. John Boos & Company adheres to those standards.

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